My time at Chelsea Personal Training was awesome! Training with Agi literally changed my life. She is able to walk that fine line of giving her clients a tough workout whilst keeping training enjoyable & exciting. As a result I no longer see exercising as a necessary burden, but a fun and beneficial past time. I can’t express how highly I recommend Chelsea Personal Training. I can't wait to get back to London in the next few months and catch up over a few beers at the Chelsea Potter! Love George
George, Student
I love training with Chelsea PT. They are a hundred percent focused and never fail to motivate and inspire me in every session. Furthermore, their energy is infectious and energising! I cannot recommend their training method highly enough. Great stuff and great progress. I am also looking forward to my marathon training with Chelsea Personal Training as I know it is one of London's best!
Jean, CEO
I have referred clients to CPT for Personal Training once their physiotherapy treatment with me is complete. They have helped my clients regain strength and confidence using their in-depth knowledge of the body, professionalism, and great personality. Without exception I have had great feedback. I highly recommend the team at Chelsea Personal Training.
Sarah, Physiotherapist at One Body Clinic
Training with Chelsea personal training (CPT) continues to be a fun and exciting. Their specialist method in functional training has made every workout great fun. I really like using the TRX and pushing myself on a weekly basis. CPT focuses on my technique without fail at every session and I look forward to my workouts! They always explain why we are doing the exercises and answer my questions with mindfulness and professionalism.
Celia, Partner (Law Firm)
I lost 16kgs in 16 weeks with Agi. After my 4th child, I gained a lot of weight, lost my confidence & ate unhealthy foods. I was suggested a simple exercise & food plan that improved my energy levels, skin condition & general wellbeing. I will continue this plan as a way of life. It was the best money we ever spent. The team at Chelsea Personal Training are highly recommended and I would definitely work with Agi again in the future.
Alison, Mum & Housewife
Chelsea Personal Training takes your training extremely seriously and I am happy to recommend them to anyone who wishes to improve their fitness.
Ian, Accountant
Chelsea Personal Training provide an excellent service of reliable and professional fitness training. They have a lot of knowledge in physical training and helped me regain strength in my knees after an injury. I would certainly recommend CPT for any general or specific training activities.
Eric, European Sales Director at Check Point Software Technologies
Thanks so much to Chelsea Personal Training for introducing me to this whole new world of exercise, helping me achieve my weight loss goals and making me realise that there is nothing stopping me from getting fit. It has also really helped me and my depression.
Dr. K Jones, Senior Research Fellow
Hiring Agi was a no brainer, as she was the only personal trainer to test my fitness at our first meeting and talk about the link between fitness, nutrition and mental health, which I was interested in. She saw me lose weight and go from one push up on my knees to 30 on my toes. I became stronger, happier, more confident. There were extra touches like counselling me through my rough patches and texting me daily to break me from my Jaffa Cake habit! She is a great addition to your life.
Lizzie, Head of Ogilvy Impact, UK and EMEA
The best thing I did as I approached 60 was appoint Chelsea Personal Training to get me into shape. They are thoughtful in planning my weekly work out and they are so encouraging which spurs me on to go the extra push-up/squat. I appreciate CPT's knowledge & professionalism. CPT is happy to meet me at the park whatever the weather & I enjoy our unique chats on health, exercise, books, and theatre. I feel great & my doctor recently congratulated me on my weight loss.
Veronica, Partner (Law Firm)
Oh. Where to start. My wife gifted me some sessions with Chelsea Personal Training for my 50th Birthday, and although I had never warmed to the idea of a Personal Trainer, Agi really *is* different. She is fun, demanding, professional, & endlessly flexible. Agi is in tune with how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, and tailors every session perfectly to suit. Cannot speak highly enough. To turn training into fun takes a rare skill.
Pat, Market Research & Technology Consultant
I am moving rather gingerly now! I want a miracle really which I have to realise isn’t going to happen but maybe a mini one perhaps – in 6 weeks! Chelsea PT is great – I really like their manner and humour and straightforward approach to my “dilemma”! Thank you CPT……what a find you guys are!
Wonkie , CEO
I worked extensively with Agi over the course of a year and have the highest regard for her as a personal trainer and as an individual. She understood my aspirations immediately and put together a tailored and varied exercise programme to meet my needs. The sessions ensured I had a comprehensive work out without putting me through excessive physical stress. She was always ready to provide additional advice, for example on diet and travel exercise. She was extremely diligent and checked in with m
Rob, CEO