New Year New You with our top female personal trainers in London

New Year New You with our top female personal trainers in London

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Around 80% of New Years resolutions fail. However by setting intentional, achievable and measurable goals we have the possibility of overriding this.  This is the best way to attack a new year, and fear not our male and female personal trainers at Chelsea Personal Training can help you with discovering what this goal means for you. 

We have all dealt with a lot and coming into 2022 and being still in the midst of a pandemic it’s okay to accept that we may not all be where we intended to be.  

Here at CPT we believe this new year is an opportunity to start working on ourselves again from a physical, mental and health perspective. There is an inseparable relationship between the body and mind. 

Therefore what the mind sets its sights on the body will endeavour to follow. Whether that goal is fat loss, improving your energy expenditure or working out more than once in a blue moon - it’s all possible with intent! Our team of London personal trainers are clued up on how to get the best possible results and will be motivating you every step of the way. So give yourself a chance to make this happen this year. We get one shot at 2022 so let’s use it to our advantage. 

Write down a list of 3 key things you would like to change for this upcoming year. 

For example :

1)    Aiming for 10,000 steps per day 

2)    Exercising once per week 

3)    Having a meal containing vegetables twice daily 

When you see this list you can begin to take the steps to reach these goals. 

This will help in making this new year less of a daunting experience and instead give you a sense of clarity in your focus. To achieve any big goal such as weight loss there are many components needed to get there and with this we have just begun to set ourselves up on the right track especially with the help of our top London female personal trainers and male personal trainers on board to help you. 

Look out for the small wins and build upon those. Always remember investing time into yourself is the best investment you could make, because at the end of the day we only have one body to take care of. 

Stay active. Stay smiling. We have your back.