Bringing the personal back into Personal Training.

Bringing the personal back into Personal Training.

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Without a shadow of a doubt, all of the above holds a strong position in the fitness industry. If you want big muscles gains, protein supplements and training hard is marketed as the most effective way to achieve this. If you are into graphs, stats and numbers then the fitness apps are your current best friend.

As a personal trainer in London, I have used diet plans, measurements, apps and scales to log results for clients with specific weight loss goals. However, these achievements only scratch the surface of the individual asking for my help. Their deeper selves rise to the top when, over time, you allow for their personal stories to unravel from one session to the next.

Why is it necessary to get to someone’s ‘deeper self’ during their personal training journey? It is not necessary. However, if you would like to achieve long-term wellness, happiness and satisfaction with your clients, then it is essential. Not every client requires this, but certainly every client will have their reasons for choosing personal training to achieve their fitness and health goals. Often, individuals are unaware that they carry underlying issues that are best sweat out in personal training sessions, nourished with healthy foods and supported by personable personal trainers. 

At Chelsea personal training we pride ourselves on achieving more than just fitness results with our clients. We see transformations from shy, depressed and anxious individuals with no belief that life will get better, blossom into confident, self-assured, motivated and driven individuals who never want to look back.

We do this by providing an exceptional level of client care. Our communication with our clients exceed their expectations and they feel important. This is because they are to us. We really care about our clients and will go above and beyond the extra mile to help them achieve their wellness goals that are more often than not, not solely about physical health.

We work towards inspiring self-determination in our clients by encouraging them to share their stories by providing a welcoming personal training environment in which to work on all of health. Personal personal training must strengthen:

Enjoying exercise. Focus. Client autonomy. Emotions. Reality. Motivating. Healthy eating. Moving more. Talking. Thinking.  Challenging. Sharing. Experiencing. Mentoring, Inspiring. Caring.