Personal trainer, Agi shares her tips for the avoidance of weight gain.

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My top trainer's tips for avoiding body fat gain over the Christmas period (and potentially aid weight loss):

  • Eat the same amount of calories as burned. 
  • Burn off the same amount of calories as consumed. 
  • There is only one small organ through which to take in food: the mouth. It helps to take small bites at a time and to take the time to chew food thoroughly before swallowing to feel fuller faster.
  • Eat whole foods that are one in colour, one in ingredient number, and is a one food item. Examples include: oats, carrot, quinoa, turkey, brown rice, corn on the cob, peas, chicken, tuna, salmon, brussels sprouts, cranberries, broccoli, apple, oranges, berries, kale etc. Of course, you can eat these together to create a festive meal!
  • Mindless eating? We usually look at everything before putting it into our mouths. If we were given a worm to eat, we would think twice. As adults, we give food to ourselves; no one else is feeding us.
  • What we choose to eat is: our choice. Choosing fresh, wholesome, in season, juicy and delicious foods helps us to feel better!
  • Overeating: this is the only way to gain body fat.
  • Outsmart the big food companies who are marketing, branding, selling, and making us crave processed foods full of salt, sugar (including alcohol) and fat.
  • Drinking plenty of water is so important for keeping hydrated and full of energy. Add freshly sliced cucumber, oranges or lemons into water for some flavouring!

In summary, it is only by ingesting excess calories through the mouth and not exercising enough to burn the excess calories that body fat gain occurs.

With these simple bottom lines and Chelsea Personal Training’s exercise programs, weight management and weight loss can happen, even during the Christmas period!