Weight loss with mobile female personal trainers

Weight loss with mobile female personal trainers

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Losing weight doesn’t come easily. As one of London’s top mobile personal trainers, we understand this. We believe in a holistic approach to weight loss, because we know it is not about what one eats and how much one exercises, but in fact a look at the history of why and how you have come to need to lose weight. In other words we think it is as much a consideration of the mind as it is the body. They both need to work together to make a desirable change. In the case of many of our clients that is weight loss.

How do we do it? We meet with you for a complimentary session where we have a comprehensive chat about – you! We then do a few fun exercises and fitness tests to get a picture of your current fitness levels from which we can go ahead and design a tailor made fitness programme just for you. That isn’t all. We work closely with dietitians who know what they are doing when it comes to the science of food and weight loss. We don’t advocate faddy diets – ever.

Further still, we come to the comfort of your home or local park or gym to work with you through the exercise programme. From week to week we record, increase, improve, decrease, and adjust the routine to make sure we are heading in the right direction towards weight loss.

We support you throughout with access to your personal trainer’s mobile and email for continuous contact throughout your journey with Chelsea personal training. We make ourselves available at all times to help you to reach your goals. Mostly, we aim to change your lifestyle to one that you can sustain for life.

Take advantage of our 10% discount with our ten or twenty session packages and get in touch to organize to meet your personal trainer today!