TRX suspension training with our top London Personal Trainers

TRX suspension training with our top London Personal Trainers

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TRX stands for total body resistance exercise and is a system that specialises in a form of suspension training. It is comprised of two straps with rubbers handles that attaches to a safe surface. It then uses body weight to perform what seems to be a limitless number of exercises from which maximum gains are made.

The TRX is a favourite among our London personal trainers. There are many reasons for this including its diversity in the exercises it can handle including it’s specialism for core training, it’s durability and lightness making it an easy equipment for personal trainers to carry.  It is also as easy to use at home as it is to use outdoors.

TRX Suspension Training helps our clients to gain strength, increase flexibility and coordination, build stamina and cardiovascular health, as well as working on balance and stability. Furthermore, it is a piece of equipment for everyone ranging from athletes to those who are new to physical activity.

One of the reasons the TRX is popular amongst our clients is that you can burn between 360 – 530 calories in a one hour workout with the TRX ( The type of exercises that can be performed using the TRX include but are certainly not limited to squats, lunges, pushing, pulling, rotating/twisting and planks.

If you have considered to try the TRX, call one of our top male personal trainers or female personal trainers for a trial session with a TRX today!