Meet Chelsea Personal Training's London Personal Trainers!

Meet Chelsea Personal Training's London Personal Trainers!

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Aside from his REPs Level 3 Personal Training qualifications, Paul also holds a Master of Science in Sports and Exercise Science from Bath University with a distinction! Paul is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated PT who will hep you to achieve your fitness goals with a guarantee (you only need to want to achieve it). If you are looking to tone up and build lean muscles mass, Paul is your trainer! He is also committed, kind and helpful.

Tian is a wonderful Pilates professional! Tian suffered an injury that saw her give up her Ballet training to become a professional ballerina. She found solace in discovering Pilates and helping others to use this incredible method to recover from injury and setbacks by strengthening your core muscles. Tian is a warm, caring and a precise instructor who pays close attention to detail when performing Pilates exercises (as it should be!)

If you are looking for a fantastic and fun male trainer, Dan is your man! He cares deeply about two things; exercise and helping you to get into it. He is motivating and will give you a full body circuit and HIIT training session that will see results in no time while having a lot of fun along the way. He is dedicated, results driven and fun.

Carrie is a qualified PT with also a big interest in nutrition too and holds the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification. She prides herself on helping her clients achieve their weight loss goals and motivating them beyond their perceived fitness limitations. Carrie has a great sense of humour, is always professional and will push you within your comfort level (and more – when she notices you can) to achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Louenna is the newest addition to our team. She is a recently qualified PT with a Sports Performance BSc from Bath University. She is a keen runner and likes to help clients with this goal too! Louenna will train you hard through speed, agility, and strengthening to meet your fitness goals. She is also committed to helping CPT with blogs this year and is an excellent writer and communicator.  Louenna is very friendly and inspiring in her manner.

We hope that this has brought you closer to Chelsea Personal Training’s ethos, methods of working and to our highly recommended Personal Trainers and Pilates instructor!

We are great believers in YOU-our clients and potential clients. We know that you can achieve any fitness, and nutritional health goal – it is just a matter of putting your mind to it!

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